The Lurkers – “Mining Man” (2014)

“Mining Man” is a campaign song about the ‘Lock The Gate’ movement against coat seam gas mining and hydraulic fracturing in Australia. It won the bluegrass band an Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund Award. The animation was mainly drawn in ink and watercolour, and composited in Photoshop, Flash and AfterEffects.

The Crooked Fiddle Band – “The Deepwater Drownings: pt 1″ (2013)

Here is an animated music video that I made for The Crooked Fiddle Band. It is for ‘The Deepwater Drownings – Part 1’ which is a single off their NEW full length album ‘Moving Pieces of the Sea’.


TWELVE: (2013-2014)

12 part cinepoem series by Candy Royalle, Ashley Blacmore, Tessa Rex and I.

Hitch (2013)

Hitch was made for an ABC2 3 minute documentary competition called MiniShot. It was Written and Animated by Tessa Rex and myself. As we were lucky enough to be finalists in the contest, the animated short will air on ABC2 in the near future.

A walk through a Thousand Plateaus (2012)

This film/video is a collaborative work by Margaret Walker and Patch Sinclair, co-written by poet Liv in(the)finite, with original score by Ashley Blackmore. For an idea of context for this video, see post here: Also be sure to watch Peter Greenaway’s ‘A walk through H: the Reincarnation of an Ornithologist’.

Talking About Binoculars (2012)

This experimental film was made for Laneways Festival 2012 as part of the video program. It is composed of burning/scratched/painted/cut up 8mm film with audio samples from educational videos about binoculars.
The film is mostly holiday home-movie footage from the ’80s and tourist reels. There are some pieces taken from “Patton” (selected scenes 1970) and from “Earthquake” (Great scene series: the destrustion of L.A.)