‘X’ Marks the Spot: New Video Released from TWELVE

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It’s the 12th of the month so here is the latest video from TWELVE!


‘X’ features footage of a Saunders’ Case Moth, Metura elongatus. These surreal looking creatures spin their cocoons with silk and twigs and are native to Eastern parts of Australia including Tasmania.

x clip look

TWELVE is a shortform cinepoetry series made by Candy Royalle, Ashley Blackmore and myself.

It is a work in progress project with the interstitials uploaded on the 12th of every month for a year. If you want to watch the series against a black background with no distractions check out: http://twelveproject.tumblr.com/


Poetry by Candy Royalle – http://candyroyalle.com/

Music by Ashley Blackmore – http://ashley.blackmo.re/

Videos by Patch – http://www.youtube.com/user/PatchPixels


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