Vapid Cut

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VAPID CUT is the first two-person show by frequent collaborators Patch Sinclair and Tessa Rex.

It was installed as a new intermedia body of work in June 2016 at NORTH Contemporary Art Space, an artist-run-initiative [ARI] currently managed by four artists/directors: Tamsin Salehian, Alex Thorby, Ingrid van der Aa + Vicki White.







From a world where Aaron Carter is bullied out of endorsing Donald Trump for president comes intermedia installation VAPID CUT.

Showcasing drawings, paintings, video edits; cut-ups from the late 80s to present trash, VAPID CUT presents a conflict between both light-hearted and dystopic readings of media.

It applies web aesthetics to paper, time stamping technologies by committing icons and typesetting to the page – the Arial font of Google, the retweet button on Twitter – drawn by hand under the guiding glare of projections.

These works play on the cacophony of assumed knowledge that perhaps we didn’t even know we had.

It’s pop, it’s product and it’s politics. Injected with video installation exploring the horror vacuui (fear of empty spaces) of audio-visual overload, littered with frankenbites and video wipes.

For a jejune reprieve, a quiet booth with a slowly turning party light will be available accompanied by the infamous Opus No.1 Cisco hold music.

In 1976 Foucault said:

‘A day will come when, by means of similitude relayed indefinitely along the length of a series, the image itself, along with the name it bears, will lose its identity. Campbell, Campbell, Campbell.’

Have we reached this day?

window install

Front window display mid-install.




#1 If Looks Could Kill, 2016,

Collage on paper, 29.7 x 42cm



#2 Is There Room For Feminism, 2016

Collage on paper, 29.7 x 42cm



#3 Smiles For Days I, 2016

Collage on paper, 29.7 x 42cm



#4 Vapid Cut, 2016 HDV, 4min



#5 Campbells I, 2016

Mixed media on paper, 29.7 x 42cm

#6 Campbells II, 2016

Mixed media on paper, 29.7 x 42cm

#7 Campbells III, 2016

Mixed media on paper, 29.7 x 42cm



#8 Impending Spiral of Depp, 2016

Mixed media on paper189 x 91cm



#9 Gone With The Wind Fabulous, 2016

Mixed media on paper, 38.5 x 24.5cm




#10 Chaos Abacus, 2016, Mixed media on found object, Dimensions variable.



#11 #fingersinthebootyassbitch, 2016

Mixed media on paper, 42 x 23.5cm




#12 Cisco Disco, 2016

Fake grass, chair, party light, headphones.

[AUDIOLOOP]‘Opus No. 1’ by Tim Carleton + Derrick Deel

Dimensions variable



#13 YOLO 7UP, 2016

Mixed media on paper, 42 x 23.5cm



#14 Trash Trump, 2016

Mixed media on paper 146 x 96cm



#15 Smiles For Days II, 2016

Plastic, wood, polymer clay, wire, acrylic, glitter, gloss varnish.

Dimensions variable

Trace Elements @ Red Gallery

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Screen shot 2016-05-15 at 1.02.49 PM



TRACE ELEMENTS is the second collaborative body of work produced by Margaret (Margie) Walker and myself. It was held at Red Gallery in Fitzroy North, Melbourne. Here are some photos from the opening night.

If you would like to read an insightful essay written by Tess Cullity about this body of work, then please click HERE for an online version of the Trace Elements zine.




Last minute zine collating in Preston before the show opens!

TE_cab zineTE_strangers are late

Margie and I in the backseat of a cab in the rain; running fashionably late in matching Strangers (Lea Thau, KCRW) t-shirts + frills.

TE_MW window traces

Window installation drawn up by Margie on thick tracing film, taken from excerpts of our drawings.

TE_red is openTE_house with zine
TE_eggsTE_ambiguous pink sox TE_3 pc w screen pot plants biripi kidsTE_Patch and StitchTE_meet n greet TE_corner view standing around TE_AC and CrunchTE_reflection claire and MWTE_Al and ITE_Taking notes TE_margie patch

Thanks to everyone who made the night lots of fun despite our overtired states.
Photos: Tessa Rex


paper tv k in hoodiegreen pencil progressin paynes MW223 bedsidelooks coldpaint sesh w MWrep and diff red unmade bedred cluster shotTE_IG corner shotRed egg

Here are some some screen captures of snaps and blurbs that we shared on Instagram #traceelements16


Paper Crown: Surry Hills Festival

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except from SHFprogram

Paper Crown was made to fit in the window of Sark Studio on Crown St for Surry Hills Festival 2015, which was held on Saturday 26th September.

Paper Crown is an illustative sculpture, a tableau of sorts, thoroughly mixed media by nature. The work is made up of of foam, stolen patterns from the insides of envelopes, acrylics/house paint, watercolour, polymer clay, matchsticks, sand from Woomera (curtesy of T-Rex).

This 2 + a 1/2 dimensional piece is set around the turn of the 20th century – a time when trams still travelled down Crown St to Cleveland St. This charming panoramic diorama of a little section of Crown St comes alive with rich textures and hidden details with the addition of architectural model elements and pastel overtones.

I would like to thank Alli Sebastian Wolf for her tireless organising to produce Surry Hills Festival 2015 and to Theresa Jackson owner/designer of Sark Studio for allowing me the use of her window space. If you are interested in locally designed and finished beautifully tailored garments made with exquisite fabrics and naturally dyed fibres then you should check out their range HERE. Their clothing is often based around the form and concept of a ‘Sark’ [a linen work shirt] as there “core aesthetic”. I am envious of many items in the afore mentioned collection, I recommend that you go check it out!


SHF thumbnail PS

(Above) Pencil and watercolour concept sketch for this model. This thumbnail was used to pitch the design of this project in the early stages.


Surry Hills window PSHS

Initial sketch on lined paper. This was made in conversation with the wonderful Hannah Stenstrom.


PaperCrown_desk high angle

High angle view of my messy desk mid cloud and tram construction.


PaperCrown_build road by lamplight

Building textures, Photo credit: T-Rex



PaperCrown_deskview w cactusPaperCrown_ 4wip

More W.I.P photos.
> ft. red wine and toilet roll.


PaperCrown_flat packed


Early Morning flat-stacked 'Paper Crown' on the curb.



PaperCrown_CU w train PaperCrown_collage


(Above) Close up of installed model/sculpture, 'Paper Crown'; Grid of C.U. of the building process.



PaperCrown_sark window


PaperCrown_window w PS


Window view @ Sark Studios + a sitting Patch.

TILDE 2015

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tilde: Trans & Gender Diverse Film Festival returned for its second year in November 2015! This time the fest was held at the Lithuanian Club. In 2014 I was an audience member at Trades Hall, where I attended all but one session – it was an incredibly inspiring and rewarding experience. At the time I expressed interest in contributing in some way with the 2015 festival through the feedback survey. I was able to see this through by making some little squigglevision and flash animations and editing some promo. The below video is a short festival trailer which I cut to a section of Tami Tamaki’s track “I Never Loved this Hard the Fast Before” which features heavily in Nånting måste gå sönder (Something Must Break) directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark. You can listen to the song in its entirety here.



This next video was produced for the tilde 2015 program launch which was held at Hares & Hyenas bookshop on October 15th prior to the festival in November. It was intended to be a sightly longer clip showcasing a selection of the films included in the 2015 season, as well as including vox pops from some of the fabulously dedicated tilde organisers.


CrystalqueerWEBI really enjoyed working with the tilde team, despite the long distance from Sydney, it was a dream collab! They were very efficient communicators and always interacted in a manner which was both friendly and professional. I realise that I really shouldn’t need to mention this, as this kind of dynamic should be pretty standard – but this is often not the case (as any digital freelancer will tell you). Wishing the tilde team all the best and I look forward to seeing another strong festival full of diverse stories and cutting edge cinema in 2016!





Remembering Things 2016

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This mini deck of memory contains 64 cardboard tiles which are to be set out in a square. 8 x 8 like a chessboard. It contains 32 pairs of images – half of which were made by T-Rex and half made by me. The creation of this game came about very swiftly during a moment of inspired panic. This inspired moment came about as a result of finding creative solutions to reducing the cost of xmas. We figured we could deliver in the bespoke department whilst cutting costs. Thus, RT16 was born.

Independently, T-Rex and I curated 16 images of our own work that afternoon. That night I created a print ready file of all the cards including the label for the box. The reverse side of the deck was made by scanning the inside of an envelop and tweaking the scan in photoshop. We looked online to find a 50mm cube cardboard box – we found what we were looking for at Officeworks. See below for double-sided view of our A3 pdf.

RT16 back and front WEB

The following morning we went to Office works to print the set of 25 games and to purchase the little box nets. We had a very fortuitous customer service experience where the printer processed our order straight away and gave us the B+W print rate for the reverse side of the tiles – when technically, due to the other side being a full colour print, it should have been charged at colour rates. We decided our luck was based partly on the person realising that we were trying to beat the extortionate consumerism of the silly season in a semi-excellent way and therefore being sympathetic to our situation, and partly due to it being both school and uni break – so no PhD papers being rush printed etc.

As soon as we got home we cut our first copy and gave it a test game. Each deck is cut using a metal ruler, stanley knife and cutting mat. This was initially quite tricky and time consuming, this process became quicker after I discovered the best method. We also fashioned our first box. The box nets were glossy and had a big barcode on the outside base when constructed. I got around this aesthetic hurdle by inverting the box so that it is folded with the matte side facing out and the barcode falls on the inside. To conceal the barcode I cut 50mm x 50mm squares out of a variety of different patterned envelopes and pasted them in. I think this worked out pretty nicely, complimenting the reverse side of the tiles and making each set a little unique (with the different patterns).



T-Rex and I are think about printing a 2nd little batch – but are wondering if anyone is interested in owning one.

If you are keen on  acquiring a deck of Remember Things 2016, please express your interest to or :]

SHE: a collection of female artists destroying the joint

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‘SHE’ was a group exhibition curated by Akisiew (Kim Siew). It showcased the work of over 20 female artists working in a diverse  from illustration, installation, photography and film. There was also a zine library. As with ‘She Led Her’ (2014), which was also curated and produced by Kim, ‘SHE’ was also a International Women’s Day related exhibition – with 10% of all sold works gifted to IWDA.

SHE poster


ARTISTS include:
Tracey Deep – Antwerpen – Manuela Strano – Syke, Takie – Jordan Clarke –  Irene Feleo – Marine Coutroutsios – Beth Dillon – Patch Sinclair – Danni Emery – Rachel Williams – Brooke Trezise – Akisiew, Stephanie Peters – Lisa Villani – Deb Morgan – Sinead Kelly – Caryn Griffin – Elsa McGrath – Emma Davis and Annie McKinnon – Candy Royalle


For this exhibition I made a 3 metre wide x 17cm high illustration in a japanese style concertina book that Frannie gave me a few Christmas’ ago. This epic drawing is comprised of drawings of my own hands, in chronilogical order, as seen on social media image sharing site Instagram. This drawing was later made into a A5 sized zine on ‘mauve’ tinted paper – which looks like a pale cool blue. You can find a digital copy of this zine here: The Handbook.


The Handbook was drawn in both Sydney and New York. The first image is from Crowdy Head and the last is from NYC. The Handbook spans approximately 2 years.


USELESS: 16 artists // The Studio by Create or Die // The Corner Co-operative

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Curated by The Corner Co-operative

USELESS opened on Thursday October 2, at Create Or Die – 10 Mitchell Street Marrickville.























James Carey – Diego Collado – Beth Dillon – Eggpicnic – Ariella Friend – Paul – McGrath – Eva Millares – Meaghan Potter – Patch Sinclair – Skulk – Bridge Stehli – Renae Swann – Ter Hor & Zeke’s Lunchbox – Jackie Terrett  – Logan Thompson – Bryden Williams

See photos below taken at USELESS of ‘offbeat: the tumultuous teens & twenties of the beat generation’ the comixine thingie using the insides of envelopes like halftone or I.C. screens.


For a full digital copy of OFFBEAT click here.

offbeat thumnails comixwebSquid at USELESSoffbeat at USELESS




Animating for The Lurkers

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‘Animated by Patch Sinclair and made with the help of the Alistair Hulett
Memorial Fund, “Mining Man” perfectly captures The Lurkers’ protest anthem against CSG mining and exploration.’
                                                       – Timber and Steel, 8 May 2014.


It’s been ages since this clip was out on the youtubes, but I just wanted to make a short ‘The Making of…’ type of post; partly for my own records, and also because it could be a useful way of explaining how – I don’t really know how to animate, and that – yes, it really it really is mad up of bad water-coloured drawings. Here are some afore mentioned drawing samples:



The short clip below shows the original video reference from which I rotoscoped this shot of the band in the opening lines of the song. I did this in flash using a digital tablet. The shot ended up being 12fps. If I had more time I would have liked to draw 24 or 25 fps in water-coloured scans but alas, time sieve, and bleh.

The ‘St Peters back lane…’ picture, is based on a screen capture from Google Earth.





With Laurel in Oblivion: 1st Solo Show

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With Laurel in Oblivion

Thank you to everyone who came down to check out my drawing show at The Corner Cooperative. It was really wonderful to see you all there at the opening! Especially to those of you who secretly flew back to Australia and showed up, you are truly amazing (Clare)! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, not hindered by the generous sponsorship from Forth Wave Wine.

Opening night photos courtesy of DEAR HENRI.


10498343_761092373912895_5289227936316438072_o 10344382_761092287246237_6988690867747420404_o 10482015_761092240579575_4037814038588468653_o 10258025_761092003912932_8820440343113779433_o 10382296_761091710579628_1658080280918908390_o


Having my first solo show should have been a more nerve-racking experience, however I was too sleep deprived to encourage much pointless wasting of energy. I’d like to thank Katie Winten and Micaela Campagna from Dear Henri/The Corner Cooperative for being so awesome and making everything super easy. I would also like to thank Margot Law who is a true legend, always offering help with logistics and advice with hanging the show. And of course a big thank you to Tessa Rex who endured my mentalness at close range, my bad sleep hygiene, and for encouraging me to do things the epic way even after proving that there were alternatives. Thanks again to Rex for help with logistics and food and two totally smooth trips to IKEA.


cnr blurb


The gallery below includes a selection of work in progress pictures and documentation of the exhibition.



If you would like to read a short interview with Benjamin Matthews from Headjam Media, Newcastle then visit: The gallery below contains 20 of the 22 pieces in sharper detail.




SHE LED HER: circle science

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Here’s a little belated post to reflect on ‘She Led Her’ which was organised by the wonderful Kim Siew Gogan. If you are not familiar with or deep in lust of her work, then you need to check it out here!

The 8 female artists were Akisiew (Kim), Oksana Valentelis, Melody Willis, Katherine Johnson, Rhian Bird, Jordan Clarke, Brooke Trezise and myself. 15% of all works sold were donated to IWDA. They sent us a thank you picture – so nice!

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 4.38.43 PM

Two of the five pieces which I exhibited were initially illustrations for PhD candidate James Hitchcock’s research poster which he presented at a conference in Hawaii. He was happy enough for me to make a series of prints of them, which is excellent of him.


There was a great atmosphere on the opening night conjured by uber-talented sound designer/artist Brooke Trezise audio loop, a bunch of free booze and some happy chin-waggin’. Photos below cutesy of Nils Crompton.





Videopoems: contains 12 pcs.

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TWELVE is a short form cinepoetry series. The project was released once a month from 12 May 2013 – 12 April 2014. Produced by Candy Royalle, Patch Sinclair, Ashley Blackmore and Tessa Rex.

The first video ‘And Then there Were Two’ was screened at ‘Poetry d’Amour 2013: Love Poems for Valentine’s Day’ in Western Australia before the idea of making a 12-part series was decided. After TWELVE was well underway, ‘And then there were Two’ was also entered into the Queensland Poetry Festival, Filmmakers Challenge 2013 where it received a ‘Highly Commended’ recommendation.

Check out DJ, radio producer, artist and writer LAPKAT’s review here on her spoken word, hip hop and music blog.

Written by performance artist and poet Candy Royalle. You should subscribe to her channel: or more importantly, you should get yourself to a gig: She is currently performing her new show and new Album ‘Frida People’ in collaboration with Sloppy Joe.

Music from the truly inspired mind of Ashley Blackmore, computer engineer/programmer/musician. You should look at the edge of his brain here: Also, check out his sound design in this video:

With assistance from the lovely T-Rex including: her performance in #4; a shot of a bird and plane in #9; and her camera assistance on #10 + #12; her field recording on #11 and data wrangling on #12. You can check out her photographs, docos and radio stories at:


TWELVE thumbnail set

You Can view all videos against a clean black background here:

Or on Candy’s website:

…Or in the YouTube playlist below. That seems like too many places surely.

IWD: Women in Film, Radio & Art

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In the lead up to International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, I would like to shed light on some of my friends, housemates, filmmakers and artists who are doing important work. This years IWD theme is “Inspiring Change” – so here are some strong Sydney-based creatives who I think are doing a good job.

Lucy Randall is the creator and coordinator of Seen & Heard Film Festival, which turns 5 this year! She completed an honours degree in film in 2008, and in reaction to the hermetically sealed “boys club industry that was Hollywood” Randall set about creating a platform to recognise and engage with work by women. The festival promotes the work of women in key production roles i.e. directing, producing, writing etc. From its small beginnings at Blank_Space gallery in Surry Hills in 2009 the program has shifted to a larger venue, The Red Rattler where it has seen jam-packed audiences since 2010. This huge and ongoing logistical feat shows great determination and is effective in supporting and celebrating the presence of female creatives in cinema. The festival program was launched with special guest, David Stratton (At the Movies) where he discussed censorship, pornography and art with the release of Abdellatif Kechiche’s ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ based on Julie Maroh’s graphic novel. This years festival runs 6-20 March on consecutive Thursdays – for tickets see here.

Maisie Cohen is a film, animation, radio and zine maker who earlier this year produced a documentary special for ABC Radio giving voice to people from the LGBT community living under discriminative laws passed by the Russian government led by Putin. This is a hard-hitting and important listen ‘Fighting for the right to fight, gay and lesbian Russians reflect on 2013’. She also made a shorter piece about the Bechdel/Wallace Test in Film: ‘Sweden’s film classification move highlights missing women of cinema’. In this piece you will hear filmmaker/director Sarah Steel talk briefly on the topic of older female invisibility, which her short film ‘Now You See Her’ (NYSH) explores. NYSH is based on a story by Marc Smith, adapted and produced by Steel and Alison Kirwan. I was happy to be involved in this project by making the opening titles.

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 7.44.51 PM

In response to underrepresentation of women in the film industry, Steel initiated ‘Pass the Bechdel Test’ – a grassroots campaign to address sexism in film culture. “In an analysis of 500 popular films in 2012, speaking parts were around 28.4% female.” This statistic is pretty disgraceful! For more information on this campaign and its intended outcomes please visit:

Or you can go directly here to sign the Petition:

The Bechdel/Wallace Test originated in a strip of serial comic ‘Dykes To Watch Out For’ in 1985, where Bechdel immortalised her friend Liz Wallace’s idea in ‘The Rule’. See below:


In different but related news, I will be part of a group show called ‘She Led Her’ among 7 fiercely talented female artists. Please see the invitation below for more details (flyer image: Oksana Valentelis). Hope you have an inspired IWD!  Patch x









CHAMPS: homegrown comedy

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Four young champions take on life in modern day dystopia.

My friends Squid, Leaf, T-Rex & I recently made this pilot episode of ‘Champs’. It was created in response to ‘Fresh Blood’ an ABC and Screen Australia initiative. ‘Fresh Blood’ is a short form sketch comedy callout where 24 individuals and/or groups will be commissioned to produce 3 webisodes of 5-minutes in length. The winners will be given a $10,000 budget and the content will be shown on iView, ABC’s digital platform. ‘Champs’ is probably more narrative than sketch, however we hope to involve more random gags in the future.


Set in a surreal universe, Patch and Squid are joined by their friends, Leaf and Rex as they attempt to pay their debt to the owners of just about everything; “The Company”.

Heavy on puns and absurd-ism ‘Champs’ takes a comedic look at the human condition through a range of characters and situational comedy. The plots are simple and stitched with a series of animal based non-sequiturs, poking fun at the strangeness of our everyday habits. Catch up with the aging Punk Pigeons, POLICE DOG: P.D.U and interjections from real life talking animals and things.

The ABC competition generated loads of interest among the talented masses, receiving almost 500 promising entries!

If you feel inspired – check out the video on YouTube and let us know what you think. If we were lucky enough to receive the budget we could better afford the leek pun.


Misc. Strips

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Clusterfuck, Ethical Sloth issue #4 (2016)


Acquired Software

Acquired Software

Onions & Unemployment
Onions & Unemployment (2011)

The Crooked Fiddle Band animation released today on Tone Deaf!

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tCFB promo new4webIf you are a Crooked fan you should probably head over to Tone Deaf and check out this new video release!

The NEW clip is animated by me and no, it’s by no means perfect! However from it’s super-daggy beginnings on scraps of paper stored here in this folder, it has come to life pretty OK.

folder WEB

I made this mildly awkward animated filmclip for The Crooked Fiddle Band, if you haven’t heard of them then you definitely need to fix that. They are a sydney-based folk-rock quartet, whose latest album ‘Moving Pieces of the Sea’ was recorded by Steve Albini, the 16-track analogue recording genius, in his Chicago studio. Their NEW album is available for pre-order HERE !

The new tracks are truly finessed signature high energy peices. Think; a string of beautifully executed maths equations thrown in your face by musicians who really know their craft, free-fall heartbreak happening right now, gypsy punk dance music, a free-running fiddle, addictive drums and etherial yet full-bodied vocals with great work from guest Cellist, Russell Rolen. It inspires fast-paced dancing, an indescribable adrenaline rush and feelings of eerie longing.

tCFB collected screenshotsWEB


‘X’ Marks the Spot: New Video Released from TWELVE

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It’s the 12th of the month so here is the latest video from TWELVE!


‘X’ features footage of a Saunders’ Case Moth, Metura elongatus. These surreal looking creatures spin their cocoons with silk and twigs and are native to Eastern parts of Australia including Tasmania.

x clip look

TWELVE is a shortform cinepoetry series made by Candy Royalle, Ashley Blackmore and myself.

It is a work in progress project with the interstitials uploaded on the 12th of every month for a year. If you want to watch the series against a black background with no distractions check out:


Poetry by Candy Royalle –

Music by Ashley Blackmore –

Videos by Patch –


<< 12 May 2013 – 12 April 2014 >>

or the skeleton of a windmill

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‘or the skeleton of a windmill’ was an intermedia concept show made with Margaret Walker. It revolved around an attempt to pay homage to a 1978 Peter Greenaway film ‘A walk through H: the Reincarnation of an Ornithologist’ by creating a video narrative of our own.

In response, narrated by 3 fragmented female voices, we made ‘A walk through a Thousand Plateaus’. The film/video is a collaborative work by Margaret Walker and Patch Sinclair, co-written by poet Liv in(the)finite, with original score by Ashley Blackmore.

It first screened as part of ‘or the skeleton of a windmill’ @ Chrissie Cotter Gallery (OCT 2012). It recently screened at ‘Drop Block Party: Word Travels’ @ The Rocks (DEC 2012).

Margaret Walker –
Liv in(the)finite –
Ashley Blackmore –


The exhibition was hung at different heights including on lightboxes and on the sides and tops of plinths dotted about the room. The way the physical space is mapped by the onlooker appears as though a drift, meander or dérive.

OTSOAW floorsquareWEB

There were drawings and paintings of dead birds, photographs of the sidewalk, rudimentary cartography of places real and imagined as well as collaborative maps and works framed together.

Dérive; a call back to a tool used by the Letterist International and later by Guy Debord and the SI for exploring a theory of psychogeography.

The dérive, an unplanned tour through an urban landscape directed entirely by the feelings evoked in the individual by their surroundings, served as the primary means for mapping and investigating the psychogeography of these different areas

– Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.



OTSOAW videoweb


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Twenty20 is a collaborative slice-of-life style comic made with Frances Howe in June 2012. Odd pages by Fran Howe, even pages by Patch Sinclair.


contents1 2345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940endnote guesssback


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Collaborative comic w Frances Howe 2011.

Written by Frances Howe, illustrated by Patch Sinclair. ‘Tick Boxes’ has a sister comic called ‘Lucking Out’ which was written by Patch and drawn by Fran.