Trace Elements @ Red Gallery

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TRACE ELEMENTS is the second collaborative body of work produced by Margaret (Margie) Walker and myself. It was held at Red Gallery in Fitzroy North, Melbourne. Here are some photos from the opening night.

If you would like to read an insightful essay written by Tess Cullity about this body of work, then please click HERE for an online version of the Trace Elements zine.




Last minute zine collating in Preston before the show opens!

TE_cab zineTE_strangers are late

Margie and I in the backseat of a cab in the rain; running fashionably late in matching Strangers (Lea Thau, KCRW) t-shirts + frills.

TE_MW window traces

Window installation drawn up by Margie on thick tracing film, taken from excerpts of our drawings.

TE_red is openTE_house with zine
TE_eggsTE_ambiguous pink sox TE_3 pc w screen pot plants biripi kidsTE_Patch and StitchTE_meet n greet TE_corner view standing around TE_AC and CrunchTE_reflection claire and MWTE_Al and ITE_Taking notes TE_margie patch

Thanks to everyone who made the night lots of fun despite our overtired states.
Photos: Tessa Rex


paper tv k in hoodiegreen pencil progressin paynes MW223 bedsidelooks coldpaint sesh w MWrep and diff red unmade bedred cluster shotTE_IG corner shotRed egg

Here are some some screen captures of snaps and blurbs that we shared on Instagram #traceelements16