Remembering Things 2016

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This mini deck of memory contains 64 cardboard tiles which are to be set out in a square. 8 x 8 like a chessboard. It contains 32 pairs of images – half of which were made by T-Rex and half made by me. The creation of this game came about very swiftly during a moment of inspired panic. This inspired moment came about as a result of finding creative solutions to reducing the cost of xmas. We figured we could deliver in the bespoke department whilst cutting costs. Thus, RT16 was born.

Independently, T-Rex and I curated 16 images of our own work that afternoon. That night I created a print ready file of all the cards including the label for the box. The reverse side of the deck was made by scanning the inside of an envelop and tweaking the scan in photoshop. We looked online to find a 50mm cube cardboard box – we found what we were looking for at Officeworks. See below for double-sided view of our A3 pdf.

RT16 back and front WEB

The following morning we went to Office works to print the set of 25 games and to purchase the little box nets. We had a very fortuitous customer service experience where the printer processed our order straight away and gave us the B+W print rate for the reverse side of the tiles – when technically, due to the other side being a full colour print, it should have been charged at colour rates. We decided our luck was based partly on the person realising that we were trying to beat the extortionate consumerism of the silly season in a semi-excellent way and therefore being sympathetic to our situation, and partly due to it being both school and uni break – so no PhD papers being rush printed etc.

As soon as we got home we cut our first copy and gave it a test game. Each deck is cut using a metal ruler, stanley knife and cutting mat. This was initially quite tricky and time consuming, this process became quicker after I discovered the best method. We also fashioned our first box. The box nets were glossy and had a big barcode on the outside base when constructed. I got around this aesthetic hurdle by inverting the box so that it is folded with the matte side facing out and the barcode falls on the inside. To conceal the barcode I cut 50mm x 50mm squares out of a variety of different patterned envelopes and pasted them in. I think this worked out pretty nicely, complimenting the reverse side of the tiles and making each set a little unique (with the different patterns).



T-Rex and I are think about printing a 2nd little batch – but are wondering if anyone is interested in owning one.

If you are keen on  acquiring a deck of Remember Things 2016, please express your interest to or :]