Animating for The Lurkers

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‘Animated by Patch Sinclair and made with the help of the Alistair Hulett
Memorial Fund, “Mining Man” perfectly captures The Lurkers’ protest anthem against CSG mining and exploration.’
                                                       – Timber and Steel, 8 May 2014.


It’s been ages since this clip was out on the youtubes, but I just wanted to make a short ‘The Making of…’ type of post; partly for my own records, and also because it could be a useful way of explaining how – I don’t really know how to animate, and that – yes, it really it really is mad up of bad water-coloured drawings. Here are some afore mentioned drawing samples:



The short clip below shows the original video reference from which I rotoscoped this shot of the band in the opening lines of the song. I did this in flash using a digital tablet. The shot ended up being 12fps. If I had more time I would have liked to draw 24 or 25 fps in water-coloured scans but alas, time sieve, and bleh.

The ‘St Peters back lane…’ picture, is based on a screen capture from Google Earth.