With Laurel in Oblivion: 1st Solo Show

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With Laurel in Oblivion

Thank you to everyone who came down to check out my drawing show at The Corner Cooperative. It was really wonderful to see you all there at the opening! Especially to those of you who secretly flew back to Australia and showed up, you are truly amazing (Clare)! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, not hindered by the generous sponsorship from Forth Wave Wine.

Opening night photos courtesy of DEAR HENRI.


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Having my first solo show should have been a more nerve-racking experience, however I was too sleep deprived to encourage much pointless wasting of energy. I’d like to thank Katie Winten and Micaela Campagna from Dear Henri/The Corner Cooperative for being so awesome and making everything super easy. I would also like to thank Margot Law who is a true legend, always offering help with logistics and advice with hanging the show. And of course a big thank you to Tessa Rex who endured my mentalness at close range, my bad sleep hygiene, and for encouraging me to do things the epic way even after proving that there were alternatives. Thanks again to Rex for help with logistics and food and two totally smooth trips to IKEA.


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The gallery below includes a selection of work in progress pictures and documentation of the exhibition.



If you would like to read a short interview with Benjamin Matthews from Headjam Media, Newcastle then visit: http://www.headjam.com.au/show-and-tell/patch-sinclair-interview-with-an-animator. The gallery below contains 20 of the 22 pieces in sharper detail.