CHAMPS: homegrown comedy

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Four young champions take on life in modern day dystopia.

My friends Squid, Leaf, T-Rex & I recently made this pilot episode of ‘Champs’. It was created in response to ‘Fresh Blood’ an ABC and Screen Australia initiative. ‘Fresh Blood’ is a short form sketch comedy callout where 24 individuals and/or groups will be commissioned to produce 3 webisodes of 5-minutes in length. The winners will be given a $10,000 budget and the content will be shown on iView, ABC’s digital platform. ‘Champs’ is probably more narrative than sketch, however we hope to involve more random gags in the future.


Set in a surreal universe, Patch and Squid are joined by their friends, Leaf and Rex as they attempt to pay their debt to the owners of just about everything; “The Company”.

Heavy on puns and absurd-ism ‘Champs’ takes a comedic look at the human condition through a range of characters and situational comedy. The plots are simple and stitched with a series of animal based non-sequiturs, poking fun at the strangeness of our everyday habits. Catch up with the aging Punk Pigeons, POLICE DOG: P.D.U and interjections from real life talking animals and things.

The ABC competition generated loads of interest among the talented masses, receiving almost 500 promising entries!

If you feel inspired – check out the video on YouTube and let us know what you think. If we were lucky enough to receive the budget we could better afford the leek pun.