The Crooked Fiddle Band animation released today on Tone Deaf!

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tCFB promo new4webIf you are a Crooked fan you should probably head over to Tone Deaf and check out this new video release!

The NEW clip is animated by me and no, it’s by no means perfect! However from it’s super-daggy beginnings on scraps of paper stored here in this folder, it has come to life pretty OK.

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I made this mildly awkward animated filmclip for The Crooked Fiddle Band, if you haven’t heard of them then you definitely need to fix that. They are a sydney-based folk-rock quartet, whose latest album ‘Moving Pieces of the Sea’ was recorded by Steve Albini, the 16-track analogue recording genius, in his Chicago studio. Their NEW album is available for pre-order HERE !

The new tracks are truly finessed signature high energy peices. Think; a string of beautifully executed maths equations thrown in your face by musicians who really know their craft, free-fall heartbreak happening right now, gypsy punk dance music, a free-running fiddle, addictive drums and etherial yet full-bodied vocals with great work from guest Cellist, Russell Rolen. It inspires fast-paced dancing, an indescribable adrenaline rush and feelings of eerie longing.

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